In winter you have to pay too much money for heating, and in the summer - for the conditioning of your building. Perhaps the reason is that some part of the heat circuit - the roof, the facade or the windows - was in the wrong time erected, and now it loses heat in the winter, and in the summer too much heats up. But which part? Does it make sense to invest in major repairs, and will this repair provide an economic return? Maybe you need to repair only part of the roof? Thermal imaging allows you to:
- identify the problem zone;
- to see energy losses "in figures";
- to make an economically competent decision.


The autumn-winter period is the most optimal time for finding and detecting heat losses in buildings. PE "Avante" offers you to conduct a thermal imaging survey of buildings, communications and equipment in the Vyshgorodsky district of the Kiev region.

    Thermal imaging survey of buildings and communications is a technical method of inspecting buildings and structures, allowing to determine the places of hidden damages and defects that contribute to heat leakage from the premises and increase the heat loss of the building.


We offer you a new service from our company: to inspect your building with a thermal imager for heat loss and make a proposal for their reduction, as well as substitution of energy consumption by alternative sources of energy, such as solar panels, solar collectors, heat pumps.

IMPORTANT: Thermal imaging (thermal imaging) is carried out at a temperature difference between indoor and outdoor air of at least 15 ° C. The higher the temperature difference, the more accurate and better the analysis and processing results of thermal imaging surveys are (ie if the house is +15 ° C, then the outside temperature should not be above 0 ° C). Before the beginning of the survey, the heating of the room must be continuous and uniform for 1-2 days.

You can order thermal imaging examination by phone:
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