Do you want to pay for electricity at a rate

of 0,49 UAH per 1 kW/h for the next 20 years?

Great offer for business owners.


 If you overpay for electricity, and electricity bills make up a significant part of your expenses and increase every year, if the peak consumption of your company falls on daylight hours, then we have a great offer for you.

 Considering that the electricity tariff will increase, striving for the European one, and, as a result, the costs of your enterprise and the prices of your products or services will increase, the competitiveness of your business will fall. And we suggest that you fix your energy costs at a level of 0,49 UAH per kWh for 20 years.

 This can be achieved by installing a network solar station to compensate for their own consumption. Such a solar station will pay off in 5 years at current electricity tariffs, and even faster if tariffs increase.


The following is an example of calculating the cost of electricity for an enterprise with an average monthly consumption of 5000 kW.


 Do you want to know how much you can save?

 If you know how much your business consumes electricity per year, what is the average load and how much you pay per kilowatt-hour to your current electricity supplier, fill out the form below and we will send you a quotation with the calculation of savings, investments and their payback.

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 Example of calculating a typical 30 kW solar station commercial offer

Examples of running systems:


Солнечная станция 10 кВт Юг продуктовый магазин

Солнечная станция 81/100 кВт Юг Птицеферма и инкубаторы


Examples of solar stations that we have installed to compensate for the electricity consumption of enterprises.


Dnipropetrovsk region, confectionery shop, 35 kW


Kiev region, gas station and restaurant complex, solar station 150 kW


Kiev region, warehouse complex, solar station 30 kW


Kiev region, Steel structures workshop, Solar station 10 + 30 kW


Cherkasy region, Poultry farm, Solar station 200 kW, transferred to the “Green tariff”

Kyiv, Pedagogical Institute, 10 kW solar station