Engineering firm Avanti team more than 10 years, it implements modern solutions to forget about the problems associated with failures in a supply network elektroobespecheniya remote autonomous objects and implement business projects with the use of a special "green" tariff.

In its credit, we have successfully implemented more than 700 objects that use wind, solar, energy, land, and saves not only energy, but also to finance our customers.

Constant improvement and expansion of our service system provides the ability to create highly energy-efficient supply system to meet the needs of the customer, the design features of buildings and technological equipment, as well as taking into account the prospects of development of the object.

Having passed the way from one type of energy source (wind) to a combination of different sources (wind, sun, earth) of net sales, up to a full cycle of implementation of "turnkey" projects, our company offers a new approach to the client, not focused on the product, and on the problems that it helps to solve.

Turning to us, you have the opportunity to receive comprehensive services for the electrical supply of the object, which includes:

1. Object Survey

2. Formation of the technical specifications

3. Preparation of a feasibility study

4. Preparation of a quotation

5. Delivery of equipment

6. Installation and putting into operation of the system

7. Provision of technical documentation package