3D model of the heat pump "Phoenix" (when pressed, you can rotate and zoom in)

3D model of the heat pump "Phoenix" you can download by clicking on this link:









Passport and instruction manual for the heat pump "Phoenix"

You can download the passport for the heat pump "Phoenix" by the following link

You can use for free of charge any materials and information from our website for the production of Phoenix heat pumps by your own or by contractors.





The estimated cost of additional materials for the installation of the system is 10-20% of the cost of equipment.

The cost of installing the system is 10-15%, depending on the complexity of the object.

At us you will find only the certificated production of world manufacturers. Each presented solution passed a detailed technical test and demonstrated maximum efficiency.

You can order the heat pump "Phoenix" by filling in the application form, or by phone: 044-585-64-94, 067-409-72-19, 066-010-16-65