Гелиоколлекторные системы   

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We started to work in the field of renewable energy , when it was still virtually unknown to anyone but scientists and researchers. 10-20 years ago we were working on demos and information on renewable energy projects. The last 10 years , in response to the emerging needs of the market , we sell equipment for independent and reserve power from renewable energy sources - solar , wind , micro hydro .

Lessons for research and project experience allows us to offer the best solutions in each case. The current state of development of renewable energy technologies requires a thorough analysis of both the needs of clients and available renewable resource. Very few firms in the market can make such an analysis and offer the most optimal solution. We have proved over 16 years of experience, our solutions enable our customers to get reliable power system leverages the capabilities of equipment and renewable resources (solar, wind), and even your electrical network, for minimum money.

In recent years, the market there are many new companies and firmochek that offer similar or the same equipment . Many of them are learning from us. But few have reached our level . Lack of knowledge they are trying to compensate for lower prices . However , here , as always , the rule - the miser pays twice. We are often approached customers after the sad experience with companies such as the equipment and its connection scheme chosen incorrectly. As a result , the client receives for the money system, which often breaks down , or , or inefficient use of the equipment. Like electricity system cost is cheaper , but in the end benefit from it less. And the most important - if properly selected modes of operation and wiring diagram term system performance is reduced significantly ( especially with regard to batteries and power electronics ) .

We are in your projects using the latest circuit design technology and the most modern equipment . There is a general principle - a reliable cheap does not happen. However , given the various possibilities of our customers , we offer cheap solutions . However , unlike other sellers , we honestly talk about the pros and cons of each solution. Our task - the most complete customer satisfaction , and not for sale at any price . We are focused on long-term cooperation , and not " vparivayut " equipment .

Often we are approached by potential customers and tell that " the other company we were promised that for the price of 5 times less than you do , we will get enough electricity to provide all our needs ." This is impossible , since our margins in the wholesale producer prices are minimal, and receive system , which stands much cheaper , but it works well - it is impossible . Miracles do not happen - if you promise a lot more than we do , for the same or less money - that's not true . It's just that these vendors do not have enough , or knowledge, or conscience.

Thus, the main causes of ordering systems and equipment with us:


  1. High quality service and professionalism . We serve each client individually , taking into account its specific needs.

  2. Large assortment of equipment. We can offer the system on almost any budget.

  3. Having our own warehouse . Almost all the equipment presented in our price list , is available . Some of the items we have in stock in large quantities (for example , controllers , batteries , etc . ) . We have in stock items that are not found in warehouses in other suppliers - for example, the battery voltage of 2V .

  4. We work in an independent and reserve power since 1993 . During this period we have accumulated a great experience .

  5. We fully we complete power supply system , all equipment you buy in one place and you do not need to look for different parts of the system in different places . This also means that we are responsible for the correct operation of the entire system , not just one , and its parts. In our experience , 80% of the self- selection of the equipment , components are selected properly.

  6. If some element of the system still will not have in stock , we will advise you where you can buy . You can also count on any help that we can give you on the issue of the acquisition and configuration of the power system using renewable energy sources. Our priority - the widest possible use of environmentally friendly renewable sources of energy , regardless of the equipment you purchase from us or elsewhere .

  7. We can diagnose the fault of your stand-alone / backup power system , even if you purchased your system does not have.

  8. We are always honest talk about the possibilities of the proposed equipment . Possible surprises after installation - only pleasant .

  9. We have only high-quality equipment . We are not interested in selling unreliable or low-quality equipment, because we are focused on long-term and pleasant cooperation with our clients. If you buy equipment for standby power supply , it should work when required.

  10. We are always available on the phone numbers listed on every page of our site . One of our staff will answer all your questions . We also promptly process the application via e-mail . If you have not received a response within 1-2 days - so we simply have not received your application .

  11. We do special projects and carry out special orders . For example, only here you can order a photovoltaic module with the options you want in a single copy (of course , there are certain technological limitations )