Стоимость монтажа системы составляет 10-15% в зависимости от сложности объекта.

Ориентировочная стоимость дополнительных материалов для монтажа системы составляет 10-20% от стоимости оборудования.

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Network solar stations - the advanced solution for successful investment in the future and real-time savings. Not wanting to be dependent on network problems, consumers invest in network autonomous stations that play the role of a backup power source, as well as a source of additional profit from the state green tariff.
Today, our company offers effective solutions and certified equipment from the world's solar power producers. Among the ready-made offers, we represent solar stations with 100 kW that do not function autonomously, but significantly reduce the daily energy consumption and allow the realization of energy at a green tariff.
The presented complex will easily cope with providing the energy of a cottage or a country house. Compact installation, it is easy to install and operate, and most importantly especially effective in places with hard-to-reach or expensive power supplies.

REFUsol systems

REFUsol is a manufacturer of innovative technologies for solar network systems. The world leader is famous for its high quality, as well as remote monitoring systems. REFUsol network systems are a high-quality and reliable installation that has undergone a deep efficiency check and registration of the manufacturer.
Features of the system are:
• Reliable and durable housing made of high quality materials. This element protects the inverter from dust, deposits and dirt. Due to this, it can be mounted in an open area and even washed, despite the high pressure;
• Compact size and easy operation;
• Simple and convenient control through monitoring, display and built-in interface and Internet connection;
• high efficiency up to 98.2% due to a wide range of received voltage;
• availability of a cooling system, as well as quiet operation.

Average indicators of the station per 100 kW for electricity generation are 130 MW for the year of operation. Thus, the current green tariff with conditions of 0.16 euros per 1 kW, will bring the owner of the station 20,800 euros per year or 23300 dollars. The characteristics of the installation, as well as the current conditions of the state tariff, make network solar power plants - a modern and most profitable source of additional power that pays for themselves in the future, contributes to significant savings and additional income.