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Avante - installation of solar panels and sources for backup power and consumption compensation, complex work from design to installation

In 1999, the company "Avante" was established, specializing in the sale and installation of wind and solar energy sources.

At the moment, "Avante" is one of the most successful and leading companies in the market in the field of solar and wind energy. Constant improvement and expansion of our services, allows a party to be prestigious interregional and international exhibitions, as well as receive diplomas and certificates of quality of our products.

Our staff - highly qualified specialists of renewable energy sources, which have passed professional courses ( «International Network for Sustainable Energy», «Renewable Energy Agency») and received certificates of experts. High level of our specialists allows to execute any order quickly and accurately.

Also, the "Avante" state of emergency has representatives in various regions of Ukraine. We also cooperate with many foreign clients. In other countries, where already installed our system, and it is in Canada, the Netherlands, Cuba, Bulgaria, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Russia, Belgium, Germany, Hungary, Poland, the Ukrainian wind turbines (windmills) have proven competitive in the first place for the most technical specifications for compared to the same Spanish, German and American models of wind turbines.

All products, which we offer to our customers, in line with current at all times, and especially today, need "optimal price - high quality and functionality" so that they can satisfy the most demanding customers.

Currently, PE "Avante" are able to deliver any of the systems of guaranteed power supply for providing energy to consumers suffering from a fan and outages, as well as to contribute to the implementation of the National Energy Program of Ukraine, which in particular provide for the decentralization of the energy system of Ukraine.