Картинки по запросу huawei solar

Huawei offers progressive solutions in the field of solar energy, improving concepts such as simple, full-digital and automatic global management and maintenance, to help power plant owners and customers improve the profitability of their investments. Intelligent solutions for solar energy in Huawei are taken by power plants as products that can be provided to customers. Huawei optimizes and streamlines processes throughout its operations, from power plant construction to operation and maintenance, integrates digital information technology, Internet technologies and solar technology to optimize initial investment, reduce costs, increase energy efficiency and return on investment.

Картинки по запросу huawei solar

Advantages of Huawei's network inverters

Increased generation efficiency using multi-MPPT technology (multi-core IGBT converter), as well as the use of an innovative PR analysis system; IRR + 3%, productivity more than + 3% compared to standard systems.

Increased accuracy and reliability of the monitoring system due to the technology of PLC and wireless data transmission over the AS cable.

The FusionSolar smart PV management system increases profit and security, and also generates monitoring reports and helps maintain high PR.

The degree of protection IP65, natural cooling, dustproof, waterproof, and tested in salt fog.

No consumables (DC fuses and fans). The concept of minimum maintenance during the entire period of operation.

Картинки по запросу huawei solar

Firm "Avante" represents to its clients effective network solar stations from the leading manufacturer of company Huawei, which are the best option for solving the problems of lack of power supply. These systems provide autonomous operation of power grids in any buildings and facilities. Network solar power plants are an opportunity to invest in the future and save on paying bills for electricity. In our company you can buy an inexhaustible, reliable and absolutely harmless energy source that can be used to solve any industrial and domestic tasks.
In the assortment of our store there is a wide choice of power stations. The choice of a certain type should be based on certain tasks of operation. Here you can find solar stations for 8 kW, as well as many others from a proven and reliable brand.

Functionality and longevity in Huawei systems

Huawei is recognized as one of the world leaders in the development and sales of modern inverters. The company has earned the trust of users around the world, thanks to the high quality of its products and the use of innovative developments that improve the efficiency of equipment. In our company, Huawei network systems are represented by reliable variants of various capacities. At the same time, they are all characterized by maximum efficiency, and therefore it is recommended to apply them in the following cases:

if it is necessary to place the panels on one or several surfaces of the roof;
if desired, manage the operation of the system through tracking via the Internet;
If the roof is not subject to high shading;
you need an additional or main source of electricity;
you want to equip the system for a long period and start saving on paying bills.

The estimated cost of additional materials for the installation of the system is 10-20% of the cost of the equipment.

The cost of installation of the system is 10-15%, depending on the complexity of the object.

At us you will find only the certificated production of world manufacturers. Each solution presented has undergone a detailed technical check and demonstrated maximum efficiency.
We provide the most reasonable prices, a full set of services, as well as the support of highly qualified specialists.

Order a network solar system "turnkey" you can by clicking on the link or by phone: 044-585-64-94, 067-409-72-19, 095-311-90-87