Network of solar systems 1.5 кВт до 25.0 кВт ™ SMA

Network of solar systems 3.0 кВт до 27.6 кВт ™ ABB

Network of solar systems 3.0 кВт to 10.0 кВт ™ Growatt

Network of solar systems 10 кВт to 30 кВт ™ Samil Power

Network of solar systems 3.0 кВт to 20.0 кВт ™ Conext

Network of solar systems 10.0 кВт to 100.0 кВт ™ Omron

Network of solar systems 10.0 кВт to 92.0 кВт ™ REFUsol

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A solar battery for the home is an innovative way to save money, when there are no power lines or there is a need for a backup power source. By installing batteries operating from free solar energy, the consumer no longer has to pay electricity tax and communicate to the home.
We offer our customers to become consumers of a new generation, save monthly expenses, purchase an inexhaustible source of energy, and also invest in their future and gain profit from the state. Our company installs solar panels on a turn-key basis, and offers a wide range of solar station complete sets.

Advantages of solar panels

Of course, the installation of such a system requires investments, however, investing in the future, the owner receives a full payback, as well as a list of undisputed advantages:
• Autonomous system;
• power supply independent of fan shutdown;
• Savings on regular payment for electricity;
• no power surges;
• Quiet operation;
• no risk of short circuits;
• Reliability;
• environmental safety.

Green tariff
Today, the installation of solar panels and stations is a popular and demanding solution. Benefiting from this benefit, the state decided to help the consumer by introducing a new green tariff for homes and businesses. Now citizens have the opportunity not only to receive reserve and free solar energy for use, but also to have additional earnings, selling surplus energy to the state energy market.

Seasons have a significant effect on the amount of electricity consumed. So in the cold winter months, we consume the maximum amount of energy, because we use heating appliances, hot water and lighting devices, due to a short day. While the highest activity of solar batteries occurs in the spring and summer periods. As a result, in warm seasons, the owner of solar batteries, has a surplus of accumulated energy, which gives him the opportunity to realize it, getting a good income.

Cooperating with us, our customers can apply for green turn-key tariffs on the most favorable terms. Still have questions? Contact our specialists who will gladly provide you with qualified help, advice and answers to all questions of interest.