Small network stations for their own use , single-phase :


Network stations for their own use and connect the green tariff


The estimated cost of additional materials for the system installation is 10-20 % of the cost of the equipment .

The cost of installation of the system is 10-15 % , depending on the complexity of the object .

To order, based on a system of solar electricity send a request to : can also contact by phone: Kyivstar : 067-409-72-19 ; MTS : 095-311-90-87

The company "Avante" offers to your attention network solar stations, which are a unique solution of the modern consumer. The presented type of system performs independent operation in objects of continuous use. This solution is a profitable investment in the future, as well as saving on electricity costs and a reliable and environmentally friendly source of inexhaustible solar energy, used for domestic and industrial purposes. The proposed basic equipment can be upgraded in accordance with the specified parameters.

The principle of functioning and features of solar power plants
Network solar power plants - convert solar energy into electrical energy. They generate free electricity, which allows them to save their budget, make their contribution to the preservation of our planet, and make a profit by selling surplus energy, having issued a green tariff. There are several types of solar power plants, choosing a rational option is necessary by setting specific operational tasks.
Photovoltaic network stations, function exclusively in conjunction with the network. The inverter transmits energy to the network accumulated by photomodules. This "cooperation" of the station with the network will save electricity consumption and use the green tariff on the most favorable terms. In our catalog you can get acquainted with a wide range of ready-made solutions, we will find solar stations for 5 kW, as well as more powerful systems.

SMA systems
SMA is the leading manufacturer of innovative inverters. It offers installations of a new generation, advanced advanced technologies of solar stations of various capacities. The efficiency of such installations reaches 99%. Sma network systems are relevant in case if:
• there is the possibility of placing panels on one or several planes of the roof;
• the roof surface is not subject to high shading;
• you want to monitor the system through Internet tracking;
• want the operation of the unit to be displayed on the inverter displays;
• You want to get a high-quality system, long-term operation and a guarantee for a period of 5 years.
At us you will find only the certificated production of world manufacturers. Each solution presented has undergone a detailed technical check and demonstrated maximum efficiency.
We provide the most reasonable prices, a full set of services, as well as the support of highly qualified specialists.