Solar shop with usb-ports for chargers in Vyshgorod.


Solar cells are becoming clearer and more accessible to people.

Most recently in the city of Vyshgorod was installed a solar bench, which allows you to charge mobile devices to holidaymakers on the playground. Thanks to its compact installation, it fits perfectly into the surrounding design. A small battery, which is under the bench, provides the charge of several gadgets in overcast weather.


The advantages of these shops are obvious:

  • a beautiful landscape design,
  • a convenient place for rest and remote work,
  • Street charging for smartphones and tablets, which works in all weathers,
  • an environmentally friendly solution for the city,
  • reliability and durability - the life of the main components over 20 years
  • solar cells for small loads provide a cheaper cost, since they do not require coordination with energy supply companies of Gorenergo or Oblenergo.


Benches with solar panels can find their application in various areas:

  • House areas
  • Playgrounds
  • Parks and squares
  • Objects of socio-cultural sphere
  • Public transport stops


One of these benches was made by specialists of PE "Avante". We wrote about this in our news.

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