The company "AVANTE" already for a long time, is engaged in the design of green tariff systems for the population.


Green tariff is a technology by which legal and physical persons of our country are able to earn on electric energy received by using renewable energy sources. The most common sources of renewable energy are systems using:


- green tariff wind generators;

- green biomass rate;

- Green fare solar panels;

- green tariff small hydro.


The price for designing systems "Green tariff" differs, depending on the labor intensity of the process. It is logical that getting a green tariff for individuals on a turnkey basis will cost less than a license to produce electricity or a working project.


The green tariff is very attractive both for the population and for enterprises, because the farms that use this tariff get a profit from all the excessively generated energy sold in the outdoor network. In our country, there is also a law on this tariff, so there is no reason to doubt the legality of this activity.


Contacting "AVANTE" and taking advantage of our services, you can be sure that we will take care of everything, by obtaining the documentation you need, and also we will be able to carry out all design works and technical conditions. "Green tariff" is extremely beneficial for individuals, legal entities and the general population, please contact us for advice and assistance in obtaining it and see for yourself!


For cooperation with us, you need to implement a few simple steps! Simply go to our website and contact us either directly through the site, or via the phones or e-mails specified in the "Contacts" section. Our staff will explain in detail to you how the green tariff works and what duties we undertake, in the case of our cooperation.


It is not only possible, but also necessary, to earn on renewable sources of electric energy. Yes, this will have to sort out a little, but figuring out you will understand that it was worth it. To take the first step is not always easy, but starting to engage in this activity today, you will see that it will bring you profit in the near future!