In Ukraine, about 90% of high-rise buildings have long been warmly modernized. Most of them were built at a time when few people thought about energy efficiency.


Today we want to share with you two posts on Facebook, which we put together in order to show how great the heat losses in our cities are. Measurements of heat losses are performed by different tools and clearly demonstrate to us a picture of why so many people pay apartment heating for apartment buildings.


On the first two photos you can see the temperature difference in the city and outside the city, measured by the vehicle's thermometer: -17 ° C in the Parking and -11 ° C on Shulyavka in Kiev (the distance between these measurements is 20 kilometers and 15 minutes).


Світлина від Олександра Карпенка.

село Стоянка -17

Світлина від Олександра Карпенка.

Київ, Шулявка -11

The second post shows how much less heat loss is due to the warming of the multi-storey building.


Світлина від Svyatoslav Pavlyuk.

Світлина від Svyatoslav Pavlyuk.


Quality heat insulation pays for 2-3 years - this is the best investment for many decades to reduce payments for heating and cooling buildings.


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