The green tariff represents the cost of electricity received by individuals and legal entities from state-owned companies as a result of the use of renewable energy sources. The green tariff for legal entities is as profitable as for individuals, and possibly more. This tariff, which is designed by the company "AVANTE", is very profitable and can use such renewable energy sources as:


- Green tariff solar panels;

- Green tariff wind generators;

- green tariff of hydroelectric power station;


The price, depending on the work done by us, can vary and range from forty dollars for processing a package of documents for connecting a green tariff for individuals, up to ten thousand dollars for carrying out design works for obtaining a "green tariff" for industrial enterprises consisting of fifteen points.


In Ukraine, tariffs for electricity generated from the use of various renewable energy sources have been adopted at the legislative level. "Law on Green Tariff" was adopted by the Verkhovna Rada and is calculated for a period up to 2030 inclusive. To be sure of the existence of this law and familiarize yourself with it, you need to go to the website of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.


The company "AVANTE" has been designing green tariffs for a long time. Cooperating with us, you can count on:


- Obtaining permits for the extraction of electricity;

- a full package of documentation for connecting the "Green Tariff";

- all stages of design work and much more.


Our company by proxy of a legal entity, carries out all work on all stages of connection to the green tariff. If you are interested in subscribing to this tariff and want to start earning on it, go to the website of AVANTE company,, read all the information provided by us and contact us, either through the website or via the phones on the site !!


"Green tariff" is a new trend in the production and sale of electric energy. Do not delay your achievements in a long box, contact us and start earning on the technologies of the future right now! Be sure, it's worth it!