Green tariff Ukraine is a specialized tariff due to which the company owned by the state acquires electric and physical energy from individuals and legal entities, which is obtained through the use of renewable energy sources such as:


- the sun;

- Wind;

- Biological masses;

- water (small hydroelectric power stations).


Green tariff for individuals is very attractive, because households that apply this tariff get paid for all the excessively generated solar energy sold to the outdoor network.


How legitimate is this tariff in Ukraine?


In our country, the tariffs for electricity generated from the use of various renewable energy sources are legitimate. In Ukraine, even there is a "Green Tariff Law"! This law is adopted and will be valid until 2030, for more details it can be found on the website of the Verkhovna Rada

How much does it cost to connect a green tariff and who does it?


The company "AVANTE" already for a long time engaged in the design of systems "Green tariff".

Applying to our company, you can get:


- license for the production of electrical energy;

- technical conditions for the system of generating electric power to the grid;

- a complete package of documents for connecting this tariff;

- design work and working project.


The price for obtaining a "Green tariff" for individuals on a turn-key basis is UAH 6,980. The company "AVANTE" under your power of attorney will perform all the necessary works to connect your economy to the green tariff, consisting of seven stages. To get more detailed information on all the subtleties of this tariff, its stages or contact us for clarification of any information that interests you, go to the site can also call us at the numbers on the website or write to our e-mail and our staff will answer all your questions. "Green tariff" is extremely beneficial for individuals, contact us for advice and assistance in obtaining it and see for yourself!


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