Since March 2018 our company Avante has been registered in the IQ ENERGY house warming support program. Our customers of energy efficient equipment receive:

  •      compensation of 35% of the cost of our heat pumps "Phoenix" (ground-water)
  •      in 3,5 times less than payments for energy carriers in comparison with usual sources of heat and cold.

What is the IQ ENERGY program (house warming program)

The house warming program in Ukraine, or, as it is also called "warm credit", is the most important initiative of our country in the energy sector, equal in importance to the "green tariff".

In order to reduce the consumption of expensive energy resources and improve the quality of life of our citizens, the government of Ukraine with financial support from the European Union provides financial assistance to the population, paying weighty compensation when purchasing energy-efficient equipment (long-burning boilers, electric boilers, heat pumps, solar collectors) or heat-insulating building materials windows, doors, thermal insulation).

In conditions of rising prices for all types of public services, the installation of thermal boilers or the warming of the house with heat-insulating materials will allow Ukrainians to save considerably. At the same time, the funds that are not available for carrying out insulating measures can be obtained in the form of a bank loan.

At the moment, compensation was paid to 280,000 Ukrainians for a total of more than 1.5 billion hryvnia!

The total amount of financial resources that are provided for the implementation of this program is 343.42 billion UAH.

As part of this program, the EBRD cooperates with financial institutions in Ukraine, which provide loans to finance these activities in the field of energy efficiency. More detailed information on credit conditions can be found on the websites of partner banks OTP Bank, UkrSibbank, Raiffeisen Bank Aval and Credit Agricole Bank. Apply for a loan here.

In addition to financing, the project provides its members with advisory services on issues related to energy-saving equipment and technologies.


Who can participate in the IQ ENERGY program:

  •     individuals, that is tenants of apartments or single-family houses;
  •     legal entities;    
  •     representatives of the AJOAH - associations of co-owners of apartment buildings.    

What expenses are compensated:


  • materials and equipment designed to equip individual heat points;
  • units for recording heat energy and water (both cold and hot);    
  • materials for work on the thermal insulation of attics, cellars, foundations and external walls;    
  • heat flow regulators;    
  • windows with double-chamber energy-efficient double-glazed windows, which are installed in common areas (for example, in entrances, cellars, attics, store rooms);    
  • equipment and materials intended for the modernization of lighting systems in public places.    

Owners of single-family houses and apartment owners in high-rise buildings

  •     Boilers that operate using various fuels (all except natural gas);
  •     heating radiators with temperature controllers;    
  •     windows with two- and three-chamber energy-saving double-glazed windows;    
  •     hot and cold water meters.    

For owners of single-family houses (in addition):

  •     heat recuperators for ventilation air;
  •     heat pumps    
  •     Solar collectors used to heat water and produce heat;    
  •     materials for work on the thermal insulation of enclosing structures (external walls, attics, roofing, cellars).    

The maximum amount of compensation for the purchase of equipment is 3000 euros.


Detailed instructions on how to fill out an application for compensation can be found here.