• Power - 15 kW
  • Heated area - 399 square meters.
  • Configuration of consumers: heating, hot water
  • Status - put into operation
  • Heat pump type - Dirt
  • The geoprope type is inclined, 8 inclined probes 40 m.
  • source coolant: Propylene glycol 33%
  • Heat carrier of heating system: Water
  • Location of the object - Kiev region, smt. Bucha
  • The end date of installation is January 2018.




Heat pump with a capacity of 15 kW for heating, hot water supply of a private house:

• The total heating area of ​​the building is 300 sq. M. m;

• The heat point of the building consists of a Phoenix heat pump with a thermal output of 15 kW

• The capacity of the storage tank for the cooling system is not;

• the capacity of the hot-water tank for the building is 300 liters;

• heat source for the heat pump of the complex - ground, the temperature of which is 8 ° C;

• The heating system of the complex - combined with the use of a warm floor and steel panel radiators, a temperature chart of 45-35 ° C;

• refrigeration - no.

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