About the heat pump and its consumption in winter

The heating period is over, and now it is possible to sum up the consumption by the heat pump in this video which you can see and imagine the approximate dimensions of the house that are heated by the 15 KW heat pump "Phoenix-15".

Full video can be viewed: https://youtu.be/8Ojzvorfndo?t=13m12s


The consumption statistics that were made daily at 9:00 am:
January month the house consumed 2200 kW (about 2200 UAH in the prices of 2017),
February 2000 kW,
March 1500 kW
April 800 kW.

When the house was heated by a gas boiler, then in the peak frosts of heating the house consumed about 900 cubic meters of gas per month (in prices of 2017, about 5600 UAH)

Detailed statistics are available at: https://goo.gl/PNUoc7


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