For drilling dug pit with a diameter of 2 m and a depth of 1m. Drilling is carried out from the pit of compact rig directional drilling for pit circle. After drilling probes installed raschitanye pressure of 12 atm, and the service life of 50+ years. Then the wells are filled with heat exchange solution. The pipes going into the manifold, external probe to be tested. Upon completion of works is set plastic or concrete well with technical hatch.

The main advantage of directional drilling for geothermal probes should be noted:

- Using pipes plastic shell obtain the best heat transfer coefficient, and 3 times less than the coolant used in the ground probes, compared with the use of pipe DN32 PND-

- Small amount of excavation

- Preservation of the landscape section

- Lower cost

- Does not require soglasoavaniya in government

- No need to check-in the land of the large heavy equipment

- The shortest installation time


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