The National Commission, which carries out state regulation in the fields of energy and utilities, published on the official site a calculator for determining the cost of services from the standard connection of electrical installations of the customer to the electric networks of the transmission company

This calculator provides a tentative calculation taking into account the input data. The final calculation of the cost of the service from the standard accession will be indicated in the draft agreement on the connection, which the transmission company will provide to the customer in the event of receipt of an official application for joining electricity networks.

Standard connection is the connection of the electrical installation (in addition to the electrical connection for the production of electric energy) of the customer to the operating networks of the transmission company at a distance not exceeding 300 meters in a straight line from the power supply (regardless of the load of the transformer or the technical state of the networks) to the place of connection, which is differentiated according to the power levels of the customer's object: the first stage - up to 16kW inclusive; the second stage - from 16 kW to 50 kW inclusive.