For the analysis of lithium-ion batteries, I took my electric car Nissan Leaf, which has passed since the production of 78690 kilometers.

During this time, the capacity of the main battery Nissan Leaf decreased from 100% to 90%. The cost of a new battery today is  $ 4,900.

The amount of energy that was spent to charge an electric vehicle, based on the average style of driving, can be seen in the history of using an electric vehicle. From these data we can conclude that for the travel of 7.7 km 1 kW of electric energy was used.

Based on this, it is easy to calculate that a 24 kW battery was charged with an electrical energy of about 10,200 kW, and the program's charging statistic allows us to see the number of these charges, of which there were 7 fast and 3535 conventional capacities from 2 to 6 kW.

Based on these calculations, we can conclude that the loss of 10% battery capacity is about 500 dollars (10% of 4,900 dolars). The cost of depreciation of batteries is 0.05 dollars per 1 kW (500 dol / 10,000 kW) or 1.30 hryvnia per 1 kW of "pumped" energy.

If the cost of batteries by 2020 is expected to fall to $ 80 per kilowatt instead of the current 200, then, respectively, and the storage price will decrease by 70%, which, in turn, will make very attractive the use of batteries in storage systems for their own needs and work in the market Electricity for enterprises and households.


Prices for batteries: