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Blue Power IP67 Charger Waterprof- secure waterproof shockproof battery charger of any type with a voltage of 24V and 12, a capacity to 600Ach.
All the elements are filled with resin and protected from cast aluminum housing. The charger will continue to work in the presence of water, oil, dirt, dust, even moderate amounts of chemically active substances.
It is a reliable tool for heavy duty. It refers to a class of fire-protected devices.

Blue Power IP67 Charger Waterproof fitted with special protection against heat and can be operated at an elevated temperature, e.g., engine room. Despite the absence of a closed housing and the cooling fan, the device shows very high performance - no less than 93%. It belongs to the class of professional devices. Provide 4 step charge algorithm battery control mode performs a microprocessor which also explores battery operating frequency and selects the optimum charge mode

Advantages waterproof charger:
motor lock function - model index. "1 + Si" have an additional output with a small power level, which is always active if the charger is connected to the network. By means of additional electronics can be configured prohibition of engine start to disable the battery charger from the power supply;

Four charge stage - maximally preserve and prolong battery life;

Indikatsiya- pair bright LEDs be notified of the charge phase (filling, absorption, maintaining the total charge) and the operating device;

temperature protection - built-in sensor inside the waterproof charger continuously measures the temperature at 60 ° C reaching the charging current will decrease in order to avoid overheating;

protection from overcharging - at the end of the regime "absorption" 80% charge mode is initialized to "support" a charge that lasts up to 100% battery power. To achieve a normal voltage level, the charging performance go into the phase of "storage". The battery can be permanently connected, but it will never happen overcharging

Applications protected charger:.
When you need maximum reliability in the most demanding conditions, Charger Blue Power IP67 Charger Waterproof ensure stable work. The absence of voids within the housing and make it complete tightness charger resistant to water, dirt and dust, and also provides resistance to mechanical stress that may occur during transportation in a luggage compartment on the road, and so on. D.
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