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SKU: tmc0006444
Number of wires - one
Material - Copper
Class - Stranded
Insulation Material - PVC plasticized
insulation resistance (Mohm / km), 20 C - 7
cores, (Mom \ km) - 0.201

D cable (mm) - 19
cross section (mm2) - 95
Weight (kg / km) - 985
copper Weight (kg / km) - 845.5

Application copper wire PV3 95:
PV3 power wire 95 used in the power and lighting networks with rated voltage of 450 V (in electric systems - 45 -700 volts) at frequencies up to 400 Hertz; DC voltage - up to 1000 volts. This cable is designed for stationary use. The advantage of this cable for flexibility, so easily tolerate bends. It tolerates acoustic noise, vibration loads, mechanical damage, linear acceleration. It is often used for the installation of electrical machinery, machine tools, machinery, machines, power boards and assemblies, powering the panel heaters, electrical systems, voltage stabilizers, lamps and other lighting power stationary equipment. Fixed installation is carried out in trays, metal sleeves, cable ducts, tubes of the corrugations, PVC-plastic, steel, hollow channels, beams, trestles, mezzanine constructions. Due to the properties of the cable, it can be routed not only singly, but also in the beams. If there is a need for any wiring PV3 in the soil, it is necessary to lay it in the special technical two-layer corrugated pipes or pipes made of polyethylene. Lay a cable in the open air is not worth it, because he can not tolerate exposure to the damaging rays of the sun spectrum and low temperatures in winter. Laying under plaster and in special pipes - the best and the most optimal variant for the operation.

Perform PV3 95:
Stranded conductor class 2,3 or 4 for the cross sections of 0.5 to 1.5 mm2 Inc., grade 4 for cross sections from 2.5 to 4 mm2 Inc., grade 3.. for sections from 6 to 95 mm2 incl. GOST 22483. Implemented conductive core of copper and an insulating material is polyvinyl chloride plastic. Color insulating layer different - depending on the manufacturer. If the wire is to be used only for the purpose of grounding, its isolation often has green-yellow color. The color of solid insulation can be chosen by the buyer and be specified in the order. Possible to produce wires with insulation transition of mixed colors. Be mandatory marked stamp letters.

Characteristics wires PV3 95:
Operation of this wire extends at a temperature from -50 ° C to + 70 ° C. Resistant to different kinds of fungi. Bend radius during installation should be less than 5 wire diameters. PV3 wire flame retardant and resistant to relative humidity at + 35 ° C ...... 100%. The heating conductor should not exceed 70 ° C. The service life is 15 years.
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