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  generators produce at one of the largest plants in China. By the culture of production, it can compete with the leading European manufacturers. TM "KIPOR" was registered back in 1998. Factories manufacturers Wuxi Kama Power Co, Wuxi Kama Power Co, Ltd and Wuxi Kipor Power Co, Ltd. The area of ​​industrial premises exceeds 90 000 sq.m. The number of employees is more than 2,500 people.
The company does not stand still, it is constantly developing, expanding its range almost every day. The company has its own research base, which includes more than a hundred highly qualified researchers. Applying the latest technologies, modern developments, the company "Kipore" every day claims its proud title of leader in this segment of the market. Acknowledgment of this is the certificate of the Council of Europe. Now any Kipor generator has CE certificate.