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Battery Protection Victron Energy Battery Balancer

SKU: tmc0006052
The service life of the expensive batteries may significantly decrease due to an imbalance condition
battery charge.
One battery with a high internal leakage current in the series-parallel battery jar on
24B or 48B cause no net charge this battery and connected in parallel with it battery and excessive
sequentially charge batteries connected thereto. When connecting the new batteries, all
they must have the same initial charge state. Small differences are smoothed in step charge
removals or equalization charge but larger differences result in damage to batteries with high initial
degree of charge (due to excessive gassing caused by overcharge) and damage to the batteries with low
initial degree of charge resulting from sulfation
Solution:. balancing battery
Cordless balancer equalizes state of charge of two series-connected 12V batteries
or more parallel chains of series-connected batteries. When the charge voltage exceeds 27V (24V
battery bank), and turns on the battery balancer compares the voltage of the two series connected accumulators
. Shoulder balancing current with high voltage to 1A. As a result of all the rocker
battery will have the same state of charge. If necessary, to increase the balancing current
several beams may be connected in parallel. The battery bank to 48V can be balanced with the help of three

Battery balancers LEDs, alarm relay
Green:. ON (battery voltage> 27V)
Orange: ON the lower part of the bank ( deviation of> 0.1V)
Orange: ON the top of the bank (the deviation of> 0.1V)
Red: ON alarm (deviation> 0,2V)
alarm relay: normally open contact closes when the red LED is turned on. Resetting the relay
signaling by means of the push button to be connected to two terminals.
Deeper control midpoint with battery monitor control function BMV-702.
BMV-702 measures the midpoint of series-connected elements or batteries. It displays de
deviation from the ideal middle in volts or as a percentage. Separate percentage deviations can be set to cause
visual / audible alarm and activate the relays for remote signaling. For
more information about the battery balancing, refer to the operating manual Battery monitor

Setting 1. Battery balancer must be installed on a well-ventilated vertical surface near
battery (but, due to possible corrosion of the gases given off, not higher batteries!).
2. If required to make the connection "Alarm" and "Reset Alarm"
3.. Use the wire (at least 0.75 mm²) to connect the negative, positive and midpoint
connection (in this order !!!).
4. Rocker operable.
When the voltage of the two series-connected batteries is less 26,7V rocker switches to standby mode
, all indicators are turned off.
When the voltage of the two series connected batteries 27,3V above (at charging time)
green LED lights up, indicating that the rocker joined
balancer included:. voltage deviation of more than 50mV lead to top-balancing process, 100mV
one of the two LEDs turns orange when deviation of more than 200mV will trigger the alarm relay

Victron battery Balancer
input voltage range up to 18V battery, 36V
total inclusion level 27,3V + / - 1%
off level 26,6V +/- 1%
consumption when the balancer off 0,7mA
Deviation midpoint (balancing start) 50mV
maximum current balancing 0 7A (where deviation over 100mV)
level deviation (inclusion anxiety) 210mV
level deviation (alarm reset) 140mV
The alarm relay 60V / 1A, normally open
two terminals Reset alarm relay for connecting a push button
Overheat there
Operating temperature -30 to + 50 ° C
humidity (dry) 95%
Color Blue (RAL5012)
terminals are screw terminals 6 mm? / AWG10
protection IP22
Weight 0.4kg
Dimensions (HxWxL) mm 100x113x47mm

Safety Standards EN 60950
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