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Charger Blue Power IP22 Charger 12/30

Chargers Blue Power IP22 Charger designed for charging sealed AGM, GEL batteries that require multi-charge algorithm batteries lithium-ion type as well as automotive batteries (mode overvoltage). The model number of chargers Blue Power Charger IP22 have models with both single output and three independent output channels to charge the battery 3 (with 3 charged batteries simultaneously, the memory capacity is divided into three).
< br /> This new generation of professional chargers, which has a high efficiency of up to 94%, and practically does not release heat during operation, and when fully charged the power consumption drops to 0.5 W

Adaptive charge algorithm:. charge / test - filling - absorption - recovery - float -. storage

charger has a microprocessor controller that controls adaptive 6-step algorithm batteries. adaptive control feature allows you to automatically optimize the charging process relative to the mode of operation of the battery. Chargers have an internal temperature sensor for temperature compensation of the charge

The charge / test:.
test mode can determine whether to accept charge battery

the battery pack is the maximum current until the absorption voltage (the battery is charged by 80%)

battery charge at a constant voltage and the current decreases until, until it is fully charged.

in addition to restore deeply discharged and sulfated batteries: charging the battery with high voltage and current limited

Supports Floating battery at a constant voltage, fully. charged

Supports battery at a constant voltage reduced to reduce gassing and corrosion of the positive plates. Once a week, the charger automatically switches to the absorption mode 1:00

The charge of the lithium-ion (LiFePO) Battery:
LiFePOA batteries are charged by a simple algorithm: filling - absorption - float

night mode and a reduced power mode:
At night, or low-power mode, the output current decreases to 25% of the rated current of the charger. These modes provide smooth operation. "Night" mode is terminated automatically after 8 hours of battery charger in this mode. powerdown mode can be switched off only by hand

output current decreases with increasing temperature to 50 ° C. Protection against reverse polarity and short circuit

Display and operating modes:.
Ten LEDs are used to indicate the status of the charge algorithm: Testing / content / absorption / recovery / floating / Storage / standby mode select button operation: normal (14.4V) / increase (14,7V) / reducing / for Li-Ion batteries
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