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Wind turbine W 3 500 W

Factory ID: tmc0000855
Wind generator W3 (500 W)

Wind turbine WINDER W3 is designed for use in regions with low average wind speeds.

output the nominal power even at 8 m / c.

It is recommended for homes in which the owners live is not constant: cottages, hunting

500W wind turbine

Generator Type:. three-phase synchronous PMG
permanent magnet NdFeB
Calculated (nominal) power: 500 watts
Maximum power: 700 W
Rated voltage: 24V
generator Weight: 34 kg

Wind wheel Diameter ro ora: 2.5 meter long blade
: 1.2 meters
rotor Area: 4.9 sq. meter
Blades: 3 Pieces
Material blades:. FRP (composite)
TSR (Tip Speed ??Ratio): 7
noise level immediately below the wind turbine: 20-45 dB < br />
speed range
Start speed: 2 m / s
Rated speed: 8 m / s
Operating range: 3-20 m / s withstands wind
to 40 m / s
nominal rotation speed. 400 rev / min

cooling type:. IC0041
tightness level: IP54
Temperature mode: -40 to +60 C
wind protection: controlled tail

Complete wind turbine
- generator with a rotary mechanism m
- blades (3 pcs.)
- Hub
- Tail
- Controller

Additional recommended options:
Standard mast 6 . meters guyed - 160 euros
possible to produce masts up to 30 meters on request
Standard inverter:.. 500 W - 185 Euro
You can use up to 3 kW inverters
batteries. : maintenance-free, 2 pcs. 100Ah 12V kit - 370 euros
The warranty on the wind turbine 1 year
possible to extend the warranty to 10 years
Working lifespan: 20 years
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Voltage constant, V 24
Electric power, W 500
Price 30132.50