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Wind turbine W 1 200W

Factory ID: tmc0000853
Wind generator W1 (200W)

This windmill installation is intended to operate at high wind speeds.

By its advantages are low weight and low price.

It is very easy to install and use, can be installed on a roof or on a temporary foundation.


Generator Type: synchronous three phase PMG

permanent magnet NdFeB

Calculated (nominal ) power: 200 W

Maximum power: 500 W

Rated voltage: 24V (integrated rectifier) ??

generator Weight: 14 kg

Wind wheel

rotor diameter: 1.5 m

blade length: 0.7 meters

blades: 3 Pieces

. Material: plastic

rotor area: 1.8 square meters

speed range
< br /> Start speed: 2 m / s

Rated speed: 12 m / s

Operating range: 3-15 m / s

to withstand wind: 35 m / s

nominal rotation speed. 450 rev / min


cooling type: IC0041

tightness level: IP54

Temperature: -40 to + the C 60

wind protection: controlled tail

In addition

Standard Lifting 6 meters guyed

Standard inverter 500 W (modified sine wave)

Batteries: unattended, 2 pcs. 45Ach 12V

The warranty on wind turbines:. 1 year
possible to extend the warranty to 10 years

The noise level directly under the wind turbines:. 22-76 dB

Working lifespan: 20 years

Set (photos)
- generator with rotary mechanism
- The blades (3 pcs.)
- The mast
- mountings, clips, screws and nuts
- cables
- Electrical cables
- Anchors and mortgages
- Inverter
- Batteries
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Electric power, W 200
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