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Wind turbine СВ-9/2000 (7 kW/48V)

Factory ID: tmc0004609
Installation produces significantly more power than other similar type of installation, having a similar nominal power of the generator, but oriented at a high wind speed calculated parameters.

By using the design of microprocessor type predictive control system can quickly and qualitatively to solve several problems.

first of all, at different wind speeds the system allows to provide continuous optimum operation of the wind turbine.

Secondly, if, etc. oiskhodit failure of the device, the system produces not only a self-diagnosis, but also, if necessary, to stop operation of the device.

Third, the system allows remote control of the device and logging of all the current settings.

Key Features:

The diameter of the wind turbine - 9 meters
energy production per month - 1200 - 2400 kWh
Swept area - 63.6 m2
mast height - 20 m
Rated speed - 125 rev / min
speed control - step change
of stop - fl girovanie
setting method for a wind - electric
wind speed - 2.5 m / s
estimated wind speed - 7.5 m / s to 8 m / s
maximum wind speed - 60 m / s (216 km / h)
Nom. generator power - 7 kW
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Voltage constant, V 48
Electric power, W 7000
Price 459510.00