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Wind turbine Fortis 10 кВт Alize

Factory ID: tmc0002992
Wind Turbine Fortis Alize - the most powerful windmills brand Fortis Wind Energy. This model is used to supply power to private homes with high levels of energy consumption, as well as small and medium-sized commercial buildings. High reliability and low noise level

* direct drive
* maximum power of 10 kW
* average annual output at 6 m / s to 22.0 MW .ch
* automatic safety system during spinup
* electric vklyuchatel.tormoza
* average lifespan for a wind turbine is over 20 years
* rotor diameter of 7 meters
* recommended 12-24 m mast

General information:
generator type:
generator synchronous, 3-phase, permanent magnet; is supplied with an output controller 120 VAC or 240 VDC, odnoaznoy or three phase network
blades of the wind turbine:.
blades are made of fiberglass reinforced

Nominal output power 10KW
Rated wind speed 14 m / sec
starting wind speed 3 m / sec
power at 10 m / sec 6.6KW
rotational speed of 25-300 rev / min < br /> rotor axis angle 7 °
rotor diameter 7.1 m
Max blades 3
profile blades 416 NLF
ventilated area 38.46 m2
Material blades Fiberglass reinforced epoxy
passive downwind orientation vyravnnivanee on keel
speed control using security-feathered pivotally inclined manner, formation of the keel at 90 degrees to the axis of the generator, retention generators chain . Pa
Generator Type permanent Ne-Fe-Br-magnet three-phase AC

generator Features: 18-pole, star; winding data: R (f-p) = 5.2 ohm
L = 74 mH @ 50Hz
generator Yield:
Normal mode: 50-300 rev / min = 7.5-45 Hz , 80-450 VAC
no load (idle): 350 rev / min = 53 Hz,
Voc = 673 VAC (EST)
battery voltage 120V / 240V
protection battery PWM controller with switching
battery controller 120, or 240 weight
alternator 230kg
turbine total weight 385kg
mass blades 60kg
ACCA frame + tail 77kg
Weight wind turbine 540kg
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