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Voltage regulator Volter СНПТО- 7пттш

Factory ID: tmc0003347
Alternating stabilizer Volter SNPTO-7 (PTTSH) input voltage range 110-270 V, 36 steps of voltage regulation, pitch regulation is 2 V.

range of input voltages, V: 110 -270
Maximum output power, kW: 7
output power at the lower value I / O voltage, kW 3.5
Nominal O. voltage, 220
O deviation. voltage from the nominal%: +1,5 -2,5
Cutout with increasing input voltage. In 260
breaker tripping current, A: 32
Dimensions, mm (height x width x depth): 350 x 420 x 160
Weight, not more than 29

stabilizer Volter - is an automatic device which maintains the voltage of 220 V (with a valid GOST little deviation) with large variations in the network and protects appliances and electrical equipment from undervoltage and overvoltage, overload and short circuit in the network <. br />
Stabilizers Volter designed for continuous non-stop operation indoors and tanavlivaetsya fixed for the entire house (apartment, office, industrial equipment). Connected via the terminals in phase discontinuity at the input, immediately after the counter.

This model we recommend for offices, private homes, industrial premises.
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Electric power, W 7000
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