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Voltage regulator Volter СНПТО- 4птт

Factory ID: tmc0000725
Alternating voltage regulator Volter SNPTO- 4ptt


range of input voltages, V: 160-250
Maximum Output Power, kW: 3,5
output power at the lower value of input voltage kW: 2.5
nominal output voltage, V: 220
output voltage deviation from nominal,%, no more than: + 0,7 - 1,5
Cutout when the input voltage increase more, B: 260
breaker tripping current, A: 16
Dimensions, mm (height-width-depth): 350 x 420 x 160
Weight kg, not more: 23

One phase AC voltage stabilizer, Volter SNPTO - 4, designed to provide a stable voltage all types of consumers when powered by an AC voltage of 220 V, 50 Hz

main advantages stabilizer Volter SNPTO - 4:.
- not introduces distortion in the output voltage waveform;
- reaction time to changes in the input voltage - 20 ms;
- Cutout consumers with increasing input voltage over 285 V (270 V) with automatic load connection while reducing the WMO -frequency voltage to an operating level;
- Indication of the input and output voltage levels;
- Thermal protection autotransformer in the temperature range 75-98 ° C;
- Normalized (5-7) Disconnection consumers when momentary power network to protect against damage to the switching power supply of consumers;
- consumer protection against overvoltage in the transit mode input voltage range of 253-263 in;
- protection against short-circuit and overload continuous output < br /> - Proper power consumption - 1 0-20 W;
- 5 years warranty
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