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Voltage stabilizers, single-phase with a wide range of operation voltage SNOPT series (W.) - a fully independent, high-speed microprocessor-based devices do not require care and maintenance
SNOPT voltage regulator (R) is designed to provide continuous stabilized voltage of all kinds of electrical load with power supply AC 304B from 80V to stabilize the output voltage accuracy ± 5% with a frequency of 50Hz.
Protects emergency electrical load from the low and high voltage eniya, overcurrent, over-current, leakage currents in the ground (RCD) in domestic, commercial and industrial buildings.
Works on any type of load, are calculated for single-phase 220 Volt electricity line (household and office appliances, motors, gas boilers, air conditioners, refrigerators, welding equipment, and so on.).
Have a multi-level protection of energy consumers. In the event of failure in the network or in the load balancer will disconnect the load from the network, and after the elimination of the accident will automatically connect to the network load.
stabilizer SNOPT series voltage (W) is designed for continuous non-stop operation in closed heated facilities.
On all voltage regulators are warranted for 36 months

- for one or a group of consumers with power consumption not polee 1000W
Gazvye boilers... Coffee machine. Computer and office supplies.
Appliances connected via household voltage stabilizers, working gently and often economical power mode. This allows them to extend the service life and even save on electricity since all home appliances are designed for a specific supply voltage and that at this voltage ensures optimum operation and the highest efficiency

-. To protect the boiler and heating equipment
gas boiler - a complex electrical appliance. Indeed, the boiler equipment, blower burners, water pumps are sensitive to power surges. Therefore, we recommend to protect the boiler to install a voltage regulator

-. For security equipment, alarm and remote control systems
Most electronic security systems allows the voltage deviation of no more than 10%. Our network today such precision is not provided, it leads to a malfunction of the security systems. The voltage stabilizer stabilizes your network and eliminates these problems

-. For a refrigeration and air conditioning
We all know that electric motors do not work under elevated or reduced voltage. They overheat the windings and further release them from the system. Repair of equipment costs about 70% of the cost of new equipment. The voltage stabilizer to protect your equipment from all of the above problems


The input operating voltage, V - 80-304
The output voltage, V - 220 network frequency, Hz - 50
Uin Rated power at 220 kW - 1.0
Maximum power at Uin. 80B, kW - 360
Maximum power at Ui. 304B, kW - 1360
minimum input voltage, V - 80
maximum input voltage V - 304
tripping current circuit breaker, A - 16
A maximum allowable current, no more 30 sec - 20
minimum switching voltage, V - 90
maximum switching voltage, V - 295
deviation from the nominal output voltage at 90-295V Uin - +/- 5%
Number of stages of automatic control - 16
reaction time to changes in the input voltage, ms - 20
protection time voltage, ms - 20
Cutout for n Uin to transpose, B - 80
Cutout with an increase Vout to, B - 304
Protective leakage current when off, mA -
Cutout with increasing power switches temperature, ° C - 75 < br /> Cutout autotransformer with increasing temperature, ° C - 85
protection Level (IP) - IP20
mode - continuous
protection - UHL4.2
Maximum temperature ambient - 40 ° C
Minimum ambient temperature - 1 ° C
Rel. % humidity at ambient temperature - 80 at t 25 ° C
Atmospheric pressure mm.rt. Art. - from 630 to 800
Efficiency, however,% - 95
Weight kg - 24
Overall and installation dimensions, mm - 170h140h250
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The warranty from the manufacturer between 1 and 5 years.


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