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Voltage regulator СНОПТ 22,0 кW

SKU: tmc0006391
Voltage stabilizers, single-phase series of high accuracy SNOPT -. it is fully independent, high-speed microprocessor-based devices do not require care and maintenance
The voltage regulator is designed to provide continuous stabilized voltage of all kinds of electrical load at AC 136-278v AC. with a frequency of 50Hz.
Protects emergency electrical load from the low and high voltage, an overcurrent, over-current, leakage currents in the ground (RCD) in domestic, commercial and industrial buildings.
it works on any kind of load (household and office appliances, electric motors, welding equipment, and so on.).
Have a multi-level protection of energy consumers. In the event of failure in the network or in the load balancer will disconnect the load from the network, and after the elimination of the accident will automatically connect to the network load.

Warning! Stabilizer is designed for continuous round the clock operation in closed heated facilities

All SNOPT stabilizers, and SNTPT 3 years warranty

The input operating voltage, B - 136-278
output voltage V - 220
network frequency, Hz - 50
Uin Rated power at 220 kW - 22.0 Maximum power
at Uin. 136B, kW - 13,6
Maximum power at Ui. 278V, kW - 27.8
minimum input voltage, V - 136
maximum input voltage, V - 278
tripping current circuit breaker, A - 100
maximum allowable current A no more than 30 seconds - 125
The minimum switching voltage, V - 146
Maximum switching voltage, V - 262
Rejection O. the voltage of the rated. at 146-262V Uin - +/- 2.5%
O deviation. the voltage of the rated. at Uin 136-146V, 262-278V Uin - +/- 10%
number of automatic control steps - 16
reaction time to changes in the input voltage. ms - 20
Response time for voltage protection. ms - 20
Cutout is lowered to Uin, B - 136
Cutout with an increase Vout to, B - 278
Protective leakage current when off, mA - 30,100,300
Cutout at higher power switches temperature, ° C - 75
Cutout autotransformer with increasing temperature, ° C - 85
protection Level (IP) - IP20
modes - a continuous
Climatic performance - UHL4.2
Maximum ambient temperature - 40 ° C
Minimum ambient temperature - 1 ° C
Rel. % humidity at ambient temperature - 80 at t 25 ° C
Atmospheric pressure mm.rt. Art. - from 630 to 800
Efficiency, however,% - 95
Weight kg - 75
Overall and installation dimensions, mm - 340h280h690

AC voltage stabilizer Single-phase current is intended to provide a continuous stabilized voltage of all kinds of electrical load powered by the AC 220 V with a frequency of 50 Hz. Provides protection of electrical load against voltage surges, overcurrent, over-current, in domestic, commercial and industrial buildings subject to the operating rules and safety measures.

Warning! The only regulators in Ukraine who work for Welding Equipment, heavily loaded engines, professional audio equipment, medical and laboratory equipment.
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