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Factory ID: tmc0006205
Power Optimizer SolarEdge inverter is a DC / DC, which is attached to each PV module or modules of the system, replacing the traditional solar box. The power optimizer SolarEdge increases power output from photovoltaic systems, continually monitors the maximum power point (MPPT) for each module individually. In addition, the power optimizer monitors the performance of each module and the transmission performance monitoring portal SolarEdge data for improved and cost-effective module-level maintenance. Each unit is equipped with a unique feature of the optimizer SafeDC ™, which automatically disables the DC voltage for the modules every
Power Optimizers SolarEdge compatible with a-Si and thin-film modules and are guaranteed for 25 years

Calculated DC power consumption - 350 W
absolute maximum input voltage (open circuit voltage at the lowest temperature) - 60 VDC.
Working current MPPT range - 8 - 60 V DC.
current maximum continuous input current (short circuit current) - 11.0 A post.
maximum current efficiency - 99.5%
average efficiency - 98.8%
Overvoltage - II

EXIT OPERATION DURING (POWER optimizer be connected to an In operating the inverter SOLAREDGE)
The maximum output current - 15 A post.
current Maximum output voltage - 60 V DC. current

OUTPUT STANDBY (POWER optimizer disconnect the inverter or inverter SOLAREDGE SOLAREDGE turned OFF)
Secure output voltage of the power optimizer - 1B post. current

COMPLIANCE EMC - FCC Part 15 Class B, IEC61000-6-2, IEC61000-6-3
Security - IEC62109-1 (protection class II), UL1741 < br /> RoHS - Yes
Fire safety - VDE-AR-E 2100-712: 2013-05

Maximum permissible system voltage - 1000 V DC. current
Dimensions (LxWxH) - 128 x 152 x 27.5 mm
Weight (including cables) - 760 c
inlet connector - MC4
output connector - MC4
output wire length - 1.2 m
Operating temperature range - from -40 - +85 / ° C
protection - IP68 / NEMA6P
Relative humidity - 0 - 100%

minimum length (optimizers power) - 8 (single phase), 16 (three-phase)
maximum section length (optimizers power - 25 (single phase), 50 (three-phase)
Maximum power section - 5250 W (single phase), 11250 (three-phase) Parallel section length or different orientation - Yes
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