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Heat Pump Gree Versati GRS-CQ14Pd/Na-М

SKU: tmc0005662
Heat pumps produce the world-famous brand Gree possess excellent value "price-quality". The heating system on the basis of Gree Versati heat pump can be used as the primary heating system, since the room is capable of providing heat at temperatures ranging from -20 ° C to +48 ° C which is well suited for the climate of Ukraine. The water cooled or heated via the heat pump Gree Versati to the required temperature, can be used in the various cooling and heating systems, as well as hot water. The manufacturer has provided the connection to the internal hydronic heat pump following heating devices (choice):

fancoils (cooling and heating)
storage tank
«warm floors»
solar collectors

outdoor unit GRS-CQ14Pd Na-M (0)
performance (heating floor) 14 kW
Performance (cooling sex)
15 kW power consumption (heating floor)
3.33 kW power consumption (floor cooling) 4.28 kW
EER1 (floor cooling) 3.5
COP1 (floor heating) 4.2
Heating Performance (fan coil or heat sink) 13 kW Cooling Performance
11 kW power consumption Heating (radiator or fan coil) 3.88 kW power consumption
cooling (fan coils) 3.93 kW
EER2 cooling (fan coils) 2.8
COP2 heating (heat sink or fan coil) 3.35
temperature range at the output ° C 40-80
sound level d ION dB (A) 59
diameter pipes (gas)
15.9 mm diameter pipes (liquid) 9.52 mm
Dimensions W x H x D (mm) 950 x 412 x 1253
Dimensions W x H x D (mm) 1110x 150 x 1385
Hydraulic GRS-CQ14Pd Na-M (I)
power supply V-Ph-F 380-415V-3Ph-50Hz
Nominal power 6200 watts
pipe diameter (liquid) mm 9.52 (3/8)
diameter pipes (gas) mm 15.9 (5/8)
Cooling water temperature (fan coil) ° C 25 ~ 7
Cooling water temperature (floor) ° C 18 ~ 25
heating water temperature (fan coil) ° C 25 ~ 55
heating water temperature (floor) ° C 25 ~ 45
pump (type) of the cooling water pump
(input power) W 205
pump (flow rate) l / min 7.5
Expansion tank (volume) 10 liters Expansion tank
(water pressure max ) Bar 3
Expansion tank (water pressure min) Bar 1
heater (material) Stainless steel
heater (number of stages) 1
heater (combination power) kW 6
TAN (supply voltage) V-Ph-Hz 400V - 3Ph-50Hz
exchanger (t un) Brazed Plate HEX
exchanger (number) 1
Dimensions W x H x D (mm) 900 x 500 x 324 Weight kg
Water tank SXVD300LCJ / AM
300 l volume
power supply V-Ph-Hz 380-415V-3Ph-50Hz
power 3.0 kW electric heater
Dimensions W x H x D (mm) 620 x 1620
diameter pipes for water (input) 1/2 inch diameter pipe
water (yield) 1/2 inch
Weight 82 kg
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Thermal power, W 16000
Electric power, W 5400
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