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Heat Pumps AIK MINI-6 (5,68 кВт)

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Heat MINI Series pumps are available with built-in air-conditioning module (passive, active-passive), are intended for heating, hot water and small objects cooling. Model with a passive air-conditioning used to cool the walls and floors, a model with an active air-conditioning is better to use a fan coil. Heat pump MINI - is: small size, low noise, built-in air conditioning unit and a modern design. All this allows the model to become a part of your home interior

Key Features:

coolant heating to 60 ° C;
cooling the coolant to 1 ° C; <. br /> built-in phase monitoring relays;
built-in three-way valve with a priority on the WAN;
built-in air-conditioning module (passive, active-passive);
enables remote scheduling;
safe use of freon ;
built elektrokotol for sanitation water or reheating;
guaran I equipment 2 years;
noise conforms to European standards;
compressor module with vibration dampers;
Weather-compensated flow temperature control of

B0. / W35:
Heat output, kW - 5,68
Cooling capacity, kW - 4,37
ratio converted. - 4,35
Power Consumption, kW - 1,3

B0 / W50:
Heat kW - 5,19
Cooling capacity, kW - 3.3
ratio converted. - 3,08
Power Consumption, kW - 3.7

Refrigerant Type - R407C
compressor Type - Spiral

Electrical characteristics 3F 50 Hz:
voltage V - 380
Max. compressor capacity, kW - 2.32
inrush current, A - 26

Electrical characteristics 1ph 50 Hz:
voltage V - 220
Max. compressor capacity, kW - 2.39
inrush current, A - 61
Pump Performance:
outer loop, l / s - 0.39
inner loop, l / s - 0.28
noise level dB - 40
Dimensions: Ext. Unit W / D / B, mm - 550/550/1500


The compressor module:

The compressor module separated from the module vibration dampers conditioning it makes it possible to relieve the user from unnecessary noise transmitted over the pipes, the extra costs for the obtaining of vibration dampers

conditioning unit:.

In the model, the heat pump will have been set for MINI series air-conditioning units (liability or active-passive) according to the subject requirements. conditioning module versatile: equipped with a circulating pump and a mixing valve. conditioning active-passive module: equipped with a circulation pump and 4 three-way valve may simultaneously work on the air-conditioning and heat water for hot water supply, which in turn allows saving and reduce kolosalnye return equipment

Heating to 60. ° C:

high-temperature heat pumps are equipped with scroll compressors HHP series from the company Danfoss, allow it to heat the heat transfer fluid to a temperature of 60 ° C. The use of the built-in electric boiler will enable to periodically reorganize the boiler and When necessary, the water heats up to higher temperatures

cooling to 1 ° C (active):.

conditioning unit Built Allow to cool hot summer room without the aid of air conditioners. Depending on the desired form is selected conditioning cooling module (passive or active-passive). If the house is planned to cooling by means of cold walls or floors (ceilings), we use a passive air conditioning: if you plan to install fan coil units the asset-liability. In the passive air-conditioning electricity consumption is 100 -150Vt / hour for the whole house


pump control program determines the flow temperature of the coolant in the heating system, depending on weather conditions. In this case, the possibility of adjusting these parameters to suit individual needs

A high COP up to 5:.

In the production of heat pumps AIC components are used the world's best manufacturers, which allows the whole to achieve high performance performance (COP). Prices for heat pumps are available for buyers. Consult our company, and we will select the most appropriate equipment and provide appropriate safeguards for you

Easy connection and maintenance:.

Due to the possible removal of the side walls of the case and the front panel , it is possible to conduct a more convenient installation and maintenance of equipment

built-in circulation pumps:.

built-in heat discharge pump works in heating and hot water supply with DHW priimuschestvom, built-in three-way switches the system on ventel heating and hot water supply self parking no. Installation of additional heating equipment is required. The circulation pump of the outer loop remains connected to the outer contour of the comb. Recommended when installing heat pumps installed flow switch on the inner and outer circuit - it saves the user from unnecessary problems and prolong equipment life

Remote scheduling:

The ability to remotely configure and test. state of GSM-communication device. . SMS-notification if a problem occurs

timer operation:

When using multi-rate meter may be used 6-zone timer. Timer settings enable control not only the heat pump, but additional heat sources

extra blocks:.

Base Model MINI heat pump needs no auxiliary components. If you need an active conditioning of cold tank battery exchanger and one circus pump.
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