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Charge Controllers Victron BlueSolar MPPT 150/35

Factory ID: tmc0006171
Solar charge controller 35A BlueSolar MPPT 150B

charging current to 35 A, the photoelectric voltage is 150 V
BlueSolar charging battery charge controller with a lower nominal voltage of the photovoltaic system with the higher voltage. The controller will automatically switch to 12V, 24V or 48V battery rated voltage (36 V to select the required special software).

Ultrafast optimum power point tracking (MPPT)

Especially under a cloudy sky, when the light intensity is constantly changing, ultrafast MPPT controller to improve the amount of energy absorption of up to 30% higher than the charging PWM controller, and by up to 10% higher than that of the slower controllers MPPT.

Advanced determining optimum power point under partial shadowing
In partial shading in two or more points of the optimum power curve may appear power-voltage. Traditional MPPT device tends to stop at a local point MPP, which may not be the optimum power point. Innovative algorithm BlueSolar always provides maximum power selection by selecting the optimal point MPP.

Manufacturer - Victron
Country productivity Netherlands Type

kontrollera- the MPPT voltage supply- 12, 24
Maximum current solar batarei- 35.0 (A)
maximum voltage solar batarey- 150.0 (B)
Temperature kompensatsiya- Yes
minimum working temperature--30.0 (deg.)
Maximum operating temperature-60.0 (. deg)
Maximum power panel - 2000.0 (W)
Electronic zaschita- overvoltage protection, heat protection, short circuit protection, protection against incorrect field Nost, protection against open circuit
Wire range - 13.0 (mm?)
charge-level indicator Yes

1.25 Weight (kg)
186.0 Length (mm)
70.0 Width (mm)
130.0 Height (mm)
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