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Charge Controllers Steca PR 2020 IP 12V/24V

Factory ID: tmc0003004
Charge Controller Steca PR 2020 IP - equipped with a large display which shows the current state of charge (SOC) as a percentage and graphical form. A key component is the controller opredelenyae charge SOC, which were significantly improved. The algorithm automatic adaptive state of charge is the optimal control and battery charge control photo module (MDL) with a maximum output of 480 watts.
controller Steca PR 2020 IP charge specifically designed to work in difficult conditions with high salt, moisture and dust

Properties Steca PR 2020 IP 12B / 24B:.
* Hybrid Controller
* Defining state of charge Steca AtonIC (SOC)
* Automatic detection voltage
* PWM control
* Multistage charging technology
* load disconnection depending on SOC
* Automatic load reconnection *

The temperature compensation * Common positive or negative grounding on one terminal
* Built-in memory
* function light night
* Integrated self-test
* Monthly charge control
* Integrated Energy meter

Functions of electronic protection:

* overload protection
* protection against deep discharge
* protection against reverse polarity of the battery modules and load
* Automatic electronic fuse
* short circuit protection of load and module
* protection against overvoltage on the input module
* The opening of the food chain in the absence of the battery
* Def ita reverse current (at night)
* Overheating and overload protection
* Battery Shutdown Overvoltage
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