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Charge Controller Morningstar TriStar MPPT 60

Factory ID: tmc0003489
High charge controller Morningstar TriStar-MPPT

controller uses Morningstar TriStar MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) technology to calculate the maximum efficiency point of the charge at any point in time. This technology can increase power generation by about 25% compared with conventional controllers. As well as the usual TriStar, TriStar-MPPT function may perform 3: charge the battery from the solar cell (or other energy source), load control and load distribution between the energy sources. TriStar-MPPT controller has high reliability and reliably operates over a wide temperature range from -40 to +40 C

TriStar-MPPT has two modifications - 45 A and 60 A. For a more economical use of the controller can no postavlyatya multifunction monitor TS-M. For configuration management and monitoring of the controller it can be equipped with an embedded or remote monitor TS-M.

60-ampere model TriStar-MPPT-60 has a built-in Ethernet port for connecting to a computer. The software supplied with the controller.

The instrument has a wide range of settings and is fully protected against errors in the connection, overload, short circuit, temperature elevation and stress.

The RS -232 allows you to connect the controller to a computer for monitoring, data recording and entering additional parameters

a link to a page on the Internet with the data on working TS-MPPT controller in real-time
Communication ports:.

EIA-485 (TS-MPPT-60)
Ethernet (TS-MPPT-60)


Maximum power plug solar panels:

60 A 12 800 W
1600 W 3200 W 48

Amperage: 60A
Maximum input voltage: 150 V =
Peak efficiency: 99%
Rated voltage: 12/24/36/48 V (auto or manual setting)
battery voltage range: 8 - 68 In =
Maximum own consumption: less than 4 W
wire DC: 35 sq.
mm Weight: 4.2 kg
Dimensions: 29.1 x 13.0 x 14.2 cm
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