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IMPULSE-3010S controller is an advanced controller for stand-alone photovoltaic power up to 1 kW, operating according to the algorithm of maximum power point tracking (MPPT-technology) at operating voltages of the battery 12B. MPPP behavior analysis technology of solar panels (Max Power Point Prediction) allows you to quickly and effectively respond to changes in the solar lighting system and, accordingly, the incoming current and voltage controller that allows you to get the maximum energy. The device provides a higher efficiency of 98% at a lower power as compared with controllers operating on the input voltage and the PWM current processing technology. to 30% increase in the efficiency of generation of electric energy through the use of MPPT technology and to establish emergency operation the battery and promptly, automatically perform shutdown, which provides reliable, long and trouble-free operation of the electric power storage
The main modes (algorithms) work:.
1. Parameter monitoring system of solar panels to 100V x 1000-W and the DC power source (12V - 24V)
2. Algorithm charge the battery with the implementation and fast prediction MPPT technology Upv voltage range (15V-35V) to the battery or 12B (30B, 100B) for 24V battery with the maximum charging current of up to 30A.
3. . Stabilization battery voltage (flotation) with temperature compensation 25 \ 50 mV \ Co (or without)
Controller features:
- MPPP behavior analysis technology of solar panels (Max Power Point Prediction)
- relay priority
- The selection options are sealed gel, AGM, or NiCd batteries. - tracking the maximum power point of the solar module to maximize power generation
-. 3 stepwise mode battery charging
- automatic connection / disconnection of load when the charge / discharge of the battery - Temperature compensation and charge correction mode for extending battery life
- Easy to use, the pulse-3010S fully automatic device and does not require adjustments by the user

voltage range PV: 100V
circuit battery voltage range: 10,5V-14,3V
range MPPT control voltage: 15 - 35V
Maximum power array photopanels Ppv max 1000Bt
Overall controller power Pmax 350Bt
maximum charging current 30A
limited maximum input current MPPT: 10A
The maximum number of strings Npv_max: 2
Maximum number of panels in the string 2
Temperature coefficient mV \ Co: 25
DC current consumption of not more than 50 mA
Maximum wire 2.5 mm2
degree of protection IP20
The accuracy of 1%
unit weight less than 1 kg
dimensions 128h122h100
maximum n apryazhenie output «AUX» 250VAC
maximum output current «AUX» 20A
Genus output current «AUX» alternating
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