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Charge Controller Conext MPPT 80 600

Factory ID: tmc0004366
This innovative solar charger, characterized by the industry's best performance: the highest input DC voltage from the solar panels (up to 600), MPPT - tracking the most effective ratios of voltage and current of solar panels, high current battery 80 A.
< br /> high input voltage of 600 volts from the solar cells enables benefits such as: expansion of the range of operating voltages PV panels, which is very important in Ukrainian climates (when the weather is changeable and cloudiness) also decrease Art oimosti conductors from the solar panels to the charge controller, since the input current is less than the current from the array of panels connected in parallel.


- 600 volt input voltage
- MPPT for the most effective collection of solar energy
- 80 A charging current, charge of energy possible from an array of solar panels in all of the 2nd wire
- battery voltage 24 volt or 48
- operation at full capacity even on heating to 45 ° C
- Setting to work with ground to positive, with ground to minus, and ungrounded solar panels
- Built-in protecting the integrity of the ground wire
- additional programmable relay contact
- Integrated overvoltage input protection circuit from short-circuit of the output circuit and reverse current.
- protection against overheating and software power-down when the cutoff operation temperature - 45 ° C
- the temperature sensor in the set, providing automatic compensation for the charging voltage of the temperature
- Integration of network devices: inverters (Conext inverter / charger), the control panels (SCP system control panel), generators starters (AGS Automatic generator start) and other charge MPPT controllers
- The possibility of independently mounted, only the system control panel system control panel SCP ( not included)
- Maybe nce use both inverters Conext XW and a combined inverter / charger series Conext XW

Dimensions in mm: 760x220x220
Weight: 13.5 kg
Protection, IP32 < br />
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