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Charge Controller EPSOLAR LS2024

Factory ID: tmc0003530
EPsolar LandStar controller series is designed for stand-alone photovoltaic systems; it controls the charge and discharge of the battery. The controller optimizes the charging process by increasing the battery run-time and improving system performance. Integrated self-diagnostics and electronic protection functions to prevent damage caused by installation errors or abnormal operating conditions of the system

The nominal system voltage - 12V / 24V DC automatic selection
Nominal charge current battery - 20 A
Maximum battery voltage - 32 V
drop voltage (charge) <0.26V
voltage drop (level) <0.15V
voltage equalizing charge - AGM ( sealed) AB: 14.6V; x2 / 24V;
Acid (served) AB: 14.8V; x2 / 24B
saturation charge voltage - GEL (sealed) AB: 14.2V; x2 / 24V; AGM (sealed) AB: 14.4V; x2 / 24V; Acid (served) AB: 14.6V; x2 / 24V
float voltage - 13.8 V; x2 / 24V
re-load voltage connection - 12.6; x2 / 24B
tripping point during discharge - 11.1; x2 / 24B
Overall geometric size - 144h75h45mm
Mounting size - 135h55mm
Weight - 0.25 kg
Connections - 10 mm2
Max. own consumption <6 mA (24 V)
Temperature compensation - -30 mV / ° C / 12B (25 ° C)
Operating temperature range - from -35 ° C ... + 55 ° C
Humidity - 10% ... 90% (non-condensing)
protection class - IP30

Features controller:
- voltage Control
- Electronic fuse. Error when connecting equipment not withdraw from the system controller
- Pulse-width modulation of the current sequential charge
- Automatic load application at a charge of AB
- Temperature compensation.; a temperature sensor placed on the front panel
- 4 charge mode: fast (forced) saturating equalizing supporting
- Choice of the type of battery
- High reliability
- Tropicalization: Board controller protected waterproof coating (lacquer), which minimizes the deleterious effect of high humidity and
insects. The terminals are protected against corrosion
-. Easy to use - Landstar fully automatic device and does not require adjustments by the user, in addition to selecting the type of rechargeable battery

-. Parameters of accuracy is achieved by using a microcontroller
< br /> Electronic protection:
- Disabling Sa after the final charge voltage AB
- load switching at an unacceptably low voltage AB
- protection against reverse polarity connections SB, AB and load
- protection against short-circuit (SC) at the entrance ( Sa)
- protection against short-circuit in the load
- protection against overheating
- protection load inlet overvoltage
- Low level of electromagnetic radiations
- protection open circuit AB
- Prevent discharge through AB Sat night
- Electronic fuse
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