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Charge Controllers ACM 20D+USB 10А 12/24V

SKU: tmc0006593
 charge controller Altek ACM 20D + USB - it is one of the elements in the renewable energy system, namely in the solar system, which actually consists of solar panels, controller, battery and inverter. charge controller Altek ACM 20D + USB performs the function of supplying a current to the battery larger than the self-discharge current to compensate for self-discharge of the battery, but less current than the maximum charging current to prevent battery damage.
Solar cells convert solar energy into electrical DC power which passes through Altek ACM 20D + USB charge controller is stored in batteries and then transformed by the inverter from the DC 12 V voltage V ny with a voltage of 220 volts is applied to the load.
The controller Altek ACM 20D + USB charging significantly increases the service life of batteries by charging and discharging control of the battery. charge controller Altek ACM 20D + USB controller is a pulse width modulated charge current that achieves maximum capacity batteries

charge controller Altek ACM 20D + USB has the following characteristics:.
Maximum power battery charging current - 10 a
operating principle of the charging device - pwm
battery voltage - 12/24 Volt
PV modules with a maximum voltage - 50 V
Dimensions - millimeters 88h160h37
Weight - 0 23 kg
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