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Factory ID: tmc0006376
Controller solar collector built on Arduino NANO. Very small and feature-rich motherboard. Two relay output, the temperature sensor 4, bypass, emergency exit, etc ...

solar controller built on Arduino NANO. Very small and multi-function controller. Two relay outputs, 4 temperature sensor, bypass, emergency exit, daily programmer, etc ...

is based on Arduino NANO. Processor Atmega 328P
It has 4 outputs. Two are already built - a simmistorny output for pump P1 and relay output for boiler P2 (TEN). The other two outputs - alarm (horn) and bypass (heat discharge) can be connected by means of the external switch (only high-level relay) or two separate modules 1 relay (on modules with two relays and more will work only one relay) .
maximum current P1 - 2A. Maximum current P2 - 10A. Maximum load P1 - 300 W, maximal load P2 -. 2kW
Maximum current P3, P4 (bypass, alarm) 40 mA -. For an external relay module
Built-in buzzer, which can optionally act as a siren, and responds by pressing the keys
external watchdog +
internal temperature sensors NTC10K -... 4 pieces
9V DC Power (possible and 12B, but preferably 9B)

Support for standard scheme for one tank
Daily programmable thermostat for heating boiler. 6 slots per day

The antifreeze function bypass function (excessive heat discharge)
Function Alarm -. Activate emergency exit if any of the sensors has gone beyond the limits set by the user. You can connect to the GSM dozvonschinku.
Lock Function P2 if P1 works
Manual control relay P1, P2, P3, P4. P3 = Bypass, P4 = Siren
Display the minimum and maximum temperatures for all observation time (measured by pressing the reset button)
Warning of the approach of frost
Support for pulse meter (while "slow", where 2 - 3 pulses per liter)
Ukrainian / English / Russian menu - for selection. Language changes only firmware
Heat carrier:. Water, air, glycol
The output mini USB for software updates

controller without housing and power supply
temperature sensor with 1m NTC10K - 4 pieces
established paid software (firmware)
Instructions (assignment of outputs and connection diagram)

http://ilog2.com/list/ < br />
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