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Inverter Pulse IPI- 24V/220V-0,5kVA-50Hz

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Inverter Pulse IPI- 24V / 0,5kVA
1 Purpose

1.1 Voltage converter 24V DC IPI 24V / 220V 0,5kVA.50Hz (hereinafter - the converter) designed to supply electricity to the power receivers consumption up to 500VA (TV, computer, audio-visual equipment, food processor, etc.) single-phase 220V AC 50Hz
1.2 converter is designed for continuous work around the clock in closed rooms under the following climatic conditions:.
- the temperature of the environment from 0C to + 40C;
- relative humidity to 95% at a temperature of + 25C

2 basic specifications and characteristics

2.1. The nominal value of the DC power supply voltage 24V.
2.2 Operating voltage range power supply VDC (23.0 ... 28.0) In.
2.3 Permitted voltage DC power range (21.0 ... 29.0)
2.4 V. The nominal value of the output voltage feather alternating current (220 2).
2.5 nominal value of the output voltage frequency (50 1) Hz.
2.6 Nominal load value 500VA full power.
2.7 Work load power range from 0 to 100% . from the nominal value
2.8 load Type - active, active-inductive, capacitive, active-nonlinear (rectifier filter)
2.9 Operating range of load power factor 0.7 ... 1
2.10.. overload power factor 1.7:. 1 during 5c ​​
2.11 ratio distortion sinusoidal output voltage at rated power active load, not exceeding 10%
2.12 The current consumed by the converter at nominal input voltage and. total load power, not more than 25A.
2.13 power supply voltage at which the automatic shutdown of the inverter (21.0 ... 21.5) In.
2.14 power supply voltage at which the switch converter ( 23.0 ... 23.5) in.
2.15 converter has an overload protection and short-circuit of the load, from the reduced power supply voltage, and from overheating.
2.16 Dielectric strength between the closed and the input terminals of the instrument housing, output terminals and closed device housing, and between the closed inlet and closed output terminals, can withstand without breakdown test voltage of 1000 V effective value.
2.17 Efficiency converter at nominal input voltage and full power of the load, at least
0.85 2.18 Cooling method -. forced ventilation with temperature control of the air supply
2.19 Dimensions converter (Wxhxd, without protrusions) 150x85x280mm. .
2.20 converter Weight, no more than 2.5 kg.
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