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Inverter IS3-48

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IS4 voltage inverter is designed for backup power supply of private homes, cottages and industrial equipment in the case of power failure in the network. It may also be used to generate electricity to power supply systems utilizing wind and solar energy.
apparatus converts the DC voltage of 48V (four series-connected 12-volt battery) into stable AC 220V 50Hz. The shape of the output voltage - pure sine wave. Provides power to all kinds of consumers of electricity with a total capacity of up to 4 kVA

- High power - 4 kW;
- high overload capacity - 9 kVA allows you to easily connect inductive load (powerful motors, pumps, coolers, power) and capacitive loads (powerful switching power supply unit, in m. hr. plasma televisions, computers). May also be connected powerful incandescent, fluorescent (economical) lamps, washing machines, etc .;
- high efficiency in battery - up to 90%;
- sinusoidal voltage in battery ;
- withstands short circuit (short circuit) at the output;
- possibility of several US3 (. 5 pieces) in parallel, which allows the proportion to increase capacity (up to 15 KW);
- possibility to work a three-phase 380 V 50 Hz (3 devices required total power - 9 KW);
- in three-phase mode is allowed for each phase connected in parallel multiple inverters (3 pcs.), the obtained total power 27 KW;
- for the organization of parallel, three-phase and three-phase-parallel operation do not need any additional devices, only simple cable;
- for RS-485, USB interfaces are remote monitoring and control;
- there control software on a personal computer (PC ), Working under Windows;
- the number of network interruptions;
- Two mounting options: 19 "rack on the wall.

The inverter IS4 have the following protection:

* overcurrent at output;
* against short circuit on the output;
* from the low and high ambient temperature (working range - from 0 to 45 degrees);
* overheating of power cells and transformers in the device;
* from incorrect connection of batteries;
* overvoltage accumulators; < br /> * from low voltage batteries


input voltage batteries, V 37 ... 66
output voltage generation mode, ± 220 2%
frequency output voltage in the generation mode, Hz 50 ± 0.2%
constant output power at Tamb = 25 ° C, 4 KW
constant output power at Tamb = 40 ° C, 2 kW
Momentary power for 5 s, 6 kW
Peak power, for 0.1 s, 9 kW
maximum efficiency, 90% Maximum
output current 41 A
battery charging current Yator, A 1 ... 35
current consumption when the battery is connected, is switched off when the inverter mA max (toggle OFF / ON to OFF position) 0,2
power consumption in battery idling ( without load), not more than 50 W
dimensions (width * height * depth) mm 483 * 403 * 222
type body 19 ", 5U
Weight not more than 27 5

* Tamb - ambient temperature
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