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UPS Victron MultiPlus Compact 24/800/16-16 230V VE.Bus Inv./Char.

SKU: tmc0005631
Victron MultiPlus - is a multifunctional device combining an inverter, a charger and an automatic power switch
Models available capacity of 800 VA to VA 5000, which may be combined: up to 6 devices may be connected in parallel, it is possible combination of three devices. work in three-phase mode.

The advantages of inverter voltage MULTI PLUS
The form of the output voltage - pure sine wave;
Function «Power Control» to limit power consumption;
«Power Assist» function allows you to increase the power by connecting the battery;
function «frequency shift» - frequency shift to use an excess of electricity;
parallel configuration to 6 for power augmentation devices;
three-phase configuration for three-phase networks 380/400 / 415 volts;
switching time between the network and the battery is not more than 20 ms;
«UPS» mode can reduce the switching time of 4-6 ms;
power saving function is implemented in two modes;
relays the programmer can be configured to automatically start the generator;
inverter synchronization is available for control and adjustment work complicated circuits;
board charger having four charge mode, the touch sensor input and select the optimum mode for connected batteries

inverter specifications MultiPlus Compact:
Parallel and 3-phase configuration - Yes
PowerControl / PowerAssist - Yes
AC input voltage - 187-265. In AC, 45 - 65 Hz
transmission relay, A - 16

inverter Features:
voltage range DC, B - 19 - 33
Yield AC- 230 AC ± 50 Hz ± 2% 0.1%
AC power at 25 ° C (BA) - (1) - 1200
AC power at 25/40 ° C (W) - 1000/900
Peak power (W) - 2400
Max. Efficiency (%) - 94 Power
XX - (W) - 10 Power
XX - load search mode (W) - 3
power XX - mode "AES" load (W) - 8

charger Features:
AC input voltage - 187-265 In AC, 45 - 65 Hz, power factor: 1
Phase "absorption", in the DC - 28,8
Phase "float" in the - 27.6
phase support in - 26.4
The maximum charge current, A - 25
charge current to the starter battery, A - 4, only for 12 and 24V models
Temperature sensor - standard
Key Features:
Programmable relay (2) Yes
not redundant output - No
protection (3) A is - G
VE.Bus communication port - for parallel and three-phase configurations, remote monitoring, system integration
port for Lithium Ion (BMS) - No
remote control On / Off - Yes
Common specifications - Operational temperature range: -40 to 50 ° C (cooling fan) Humidity (without condensing): not more than 95%

The body:
General features - Aluminum (blue Ral 5012) IP21
Connecting the battery - The battery cable, 1.5m
230VAC connection - G-ST18i plug
weight - 10
Dimensions (HxWxL), mm - 375x214x110
Value - EN60335-1, EN60335-2-29, EN55014-1 / EN 55014-2, EN63000- 3-3

limiter consumed power - PowerControl
limiter operates when connected to the AC source (AC), controls the charging current of rechargeable batteries. Powerful charger, which is part of the inverter MultiPlus, implies an increased load in an electric network which employs a transducer, but thanks PowerControl function occurs load reduction by limiting the charging current, which can be important when working from a generator, port shore power and the like. D . Intelligent control allows consumers to consider and make use of "excessive" current in order to charge batteries

Increased capacity -. function PowerAssist
If the AC power supply capacity is insufficient for a particular user or group of users at the moment peak, the MultiPlus inverter automatically connects to the battery pack, which leads to increase the capacity and smooth operation. This possibility is often at peak loads at the start of the work of "heavy" users. PowerAssist feature is available on all models of inverters, but requires certain settings.
At the time of load reduction, the excess current from the AC power supplied to the charger that recharges the batteries.

MultiPlus inverter comprises a power device for charging rechargeable batteries, which operates in four modes. This allows you to maximize efficient use of the battery, which greatly extends the service life. Also, the "on board» MultiPlus present dedicated sensor input for voltage measurement at the battery terminals (only for devices with power from 3000 to 5000 VA) and an input for a temperature sensor, which is supplied.
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