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This multi-functional inverter / charger combines the functions of the inverter, solar charger with the function of monitoring the optimum power point (STOM), and for the battery charger, provides you with a portable source of power ups. LCD display provides user-configurable, easily accessible button control functions such as battery charging current priority AU / solar charger and the acceptable input voltage, depending on different applications
inverter unmodulated sinusoidal signal
Integrated controller solar charger for tracking the optimum power point
configurable via LCD display range of the input voltage for household appliances and the PC
configurable via F To monitor the battery charging current in dependence on the application
configurable via LCD display priority AU / solar charger
compatible with the mains voltage or power generator
Automatic restart after restoration of the AC
overload / overheating / short circuit
Intelligent design for the battery charger for optimum battery performance function

cold start The inverter can act as a source of power for all types of household appliances or office equipment, including motorized equipment such as fans, refrigerators and air conditioners

Specifications linear mode:
voltage waveform at the input sine (or network generator)
Nominal input voltage 120V AC or 230V AC
maximum AC input voltage is 150V AC or 300V AC
nominal input frequency 50Hz / 60Hz (automatic detection)
protection output short circuit Linear mode: Auto
battery mode: Electronic s circuit
Efficiency (linear mode)> 95% (nominal load R, a full battery charge)
Transition Time 10 msec. (FST, APL), 20msec. (SLO)

inverter Specifications:
Nominal output 3kVA / 2,4kVT
voltage wave form at the input a sinusoidal signal Unmodulated
Standard output voltage of 110 / 120V AC ± 5% or 230 Vac ± 5%
output frequency 60Hz or 50Hz
Peak efficiency 90%
overload protection 5c = 150 @ % load; 10s @ 110% -150% load
Buffer capacity 2 * rated power for 5 seconds
nominal DC input voltage is 24V DC voltage
cold start 23,0V DC Voltage Recovery
high DC 29V DC
cutoff voltage with high DC 31V DC
power consumption without load <25 W
power consumption in saving mode <10W

specifications charging mode: < br /> network charging mode
charging current (FST) @ Nominal input voltage 20 / 30A

absorption voltage acid batteries AGM / GEL 25
the LI 26.4
re-charge voltage
Acid battery AGM / GEL 27.4 LI 26.8

full charge voltage
Acid battery AGM / GEL 28,6 < br /> LI 27
charging algorithm step 3 (Acid battery AGM / GEL), step 4 (LI)

solar charging mode
Rated power 1500W
Efficiency 98 0% max.
The maximum open circuit voltage of the PV installation 145B DC max.
DENTAL voltage range 30-130V DC PV installation
The minimum battery voltage for the PV charging 17V DC
The power consumption in standby mode 2 W < br /> Accuracy +/- 0.3% of the battery voltage
Accuracy +/- 2V voltage PV
charge algorithm step 3 (Acid battery AGM / GEL), step 4 (LI)
< br /> The combined mode of network and solar charging
Maximum charge current 80A
The default charge current 60A

General specifications CE

safety Certificate range Static preparation temperature of from -0 ° C to 55 ° C
Storage Temperature -15 ° C to 60 ° C
dimension (D * W * H), mm 354 x 272 x 128 Weight
-netto kg 8,0
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