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Factory ID: tmc0005984
New modules Solar Frontier S-series offer the highest efficiency among thin-film modules available in the consumer market - up to 13.8%.

Features of solar panels from Solar Frontier:
- high reliability, stability, and stability of parameters;
- attractive design;
- eco-friendly, made from non-toxic materials - not containing lead and cadmium;
- the highest solar energy conversion efficiency of thin-film modules from mass production;
- modules are light-soaking effect unique to solar Frontier modules;
- solar panels solar Frontier certified by all international quality institutions.
Today Solar Frontier solar cells are viable alternative to crystalline silicon modules.
low temperature coefficient allow to obtain greater rigor power than other technologies, at high temperatures. This is a key factor in the selection of solar panels in regions with hot climates.

All of the modules are made in Japan, and the company's experience in the field of photovoltaics already has more than 30 years. Real statistics, as well as independent testing confirms that the company Solar Frontier modules provide a large production even at low light conditions, besides the payback period is much smaller modules

The country of production - Japan
rated power W - 165
current at nominal power, a - 1.93
voltage at rated power, V - 85.5
current during short-circuit , A - 2.20
voltage when idle, B - 110
Weight - 20
Number of cells - 60
size, m m - 1257h977h35
Product Warranty, s - 10
module type - copper indium selenide-

operating parameters of the environment for the photo module - from -40 ° C to 85 ° C
claimed IEC61730 class - a class A
on IEC61730 fire class - a class C
security class on IEC61140 - II
Snow load (on the front panel of the module) - 2400 Pa (IEC61646 ) / 1600 Pa design load (UL1703)
Wind load (on the rear side of the module) - 2400 Pa (IEC61646) / 1600 Pa design load (UL1703)
front cover - tempered glass, 3.2 mm < br /> Frame - anodized aluminum alloy (CEE : Black)
Edge Sealant - butyl
Junction Box - Protection Rating: IP67 (with bypass diode)
Silicone adhesive
output cables - 2.5 mm2 / AWG14
cable length (symmetric) - 1200 mm (47.2 inches)
Connectors - MC4
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Electric power, W 165
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